The BlackSheep Boot Camp Workshop

NEW in Fall 2022

Intensive Focus on the BlackSheep Method
to master high impact communication.

A Workshop to find and develop Your BlackSheep.
Stand Out. Break Through. Create Impact. 

Becoming a BlackSheep

Openness to challenge the Status Quo and learn new things.
Openness to learn to step out of your Comfort Zone.
Curiosity and the will to learn and get better. 
Willingness to ever expand your comfort zone and continue the training. 

Four Essential Steps to Become a BlackSheep

  1. Find Your BlackSheep
  2. Find the courage to use Your BlackSheep
  3. Train and exercise Your BlackSheep
  4. Grow and nurture Your BlackSheep

The Content of the BlackSheep Boot Camp Workshop

Find, use, train and grow Your BlackSheep

Theory, Excersises and immediate Transfer to Real-World

Theoretical Part: 

  1. Re-imaging Communication
  2. Making Communication Uniquely Personal
  3. The Psychology of Influence

Practical Part: 

In the practical part of the workshop, we use real-world presentations or negotiation situations as a vehicle/platform to further explore and practice the BlackSheep way of communication.
Improving existing presentations is the ideal way for the participants to rethink their status quo and to study, discuss and apply the newly learned BlackSheep factors. 
At the same time you benefit from a new and better version of your real-world presentation/negotiation which is "ready to go".

BOSWELL's Four Training Methods are applied to every training.