The BlackSheep Method ©

The Reason for 

the BlackSheep Method ©

We created the BlackSheep Method© to change the landscape of business communication.
The current landscape is often filled with boring and ineffective meetings and presentations. The waste of time and energy is overwhelming. The quality of the interactions and outcomes is underwhelming.
We believe that mastering high-impact communication creates faster, more sustainable success. 

What is a BlackSheep?

In a nutshell:

I can talk easily and convincingly about complex issues and data without the help of computer slides. 

I have expertise and am prepared. I apply the 4 Methods. 

I am confident and have trust in myself and appear therefore unique and authentique. 

This authenticity and expertise help me greatly to be more successful while feeling very comfortable and confident.

A BlackSheep knows and uses their unique and authentic self. This  allows the BlackSheep to feel confident and comfortable in front of their stakeholders. 

A true BlackSheep appears therefore authentic and likable to their audience, while showing expertise and preparedness. This builds trust and credibility from the audience. 

Using High-Impact Communication skills to authentically and confidently expressing themselves grows their outer success. 


Becoming a BlackSheep

Openness to challenge the Status Quo and learn new things.
Openness to learn to step out of your Comfort Zone.
Curiosity and the will to learn and get better. 
Willingness to ever expand your comfort zone and continue the training. 

Four Essential Steps to Become a BlackSheep

  1. Find Your BlackSheep
  2. Find the courage to use Your BlackSheep
  3. Train and exercise Your BlackSheep
  4. Grow and nurture Your BlackSheep

" Dan helped me to wake up from the monotony, in one training, and reach out to my audience to deliver my message in a memorable way by applying clear concepts and a lot of practice, trying new things to better fit my own needs & style. Become a black sheep :) "
(Juan Ignacio Gerosa, Senior IT Project Manager-Global Projects, Adidas Group)

" Daniel taught my group and myself how to bring our presentation skills to the next level in a professional yet engaging and entertaining way. He embodies what he stands for. Not one moment did I feel bored or lost focus when he was explaining us the Black sheep approach. I retained a lot of information and still integrate it on a regular basis. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a trainer/coach if you’re considering boosting your presentation skills. "
(Petra Hompus, Channel Marketing Manager, GoPro)