The art of engaging your audience emotionally

„Don‘t expect to think the same as before, after collaborating with Dan! His nature is absolutely motivating and mind blowing. I worked on Storytelling with him and it was so much fun. Every single meeting forced me to make notes, because I did not want to forget one single thing he talked about. He is an absolute expert and I recognized a complete mindset change on all levels! Thanks Dan for this great experience! 
(Daniela Franke, Project and Process Manager, Daimler AG)

Why Storytelling?

Professional Storytelling can bring your message, your data and your brand to life. 
Data, you and your business case can be better seen, understood and remembered. It allows your counterparts to emotionally understand the impact of your proposals on their lives. Moreover, it brings out your authenticity. 
As a result, Storytelling can connect you with your audience and increase your chances of getting what you want. 


  1. This skill will enhance your ability to break through, sell your message, and influence your audience.
  2. You will leave the training with a collection of your own Stories which you can use right away. 
  3. You will have trained how to use Storytelling in an authentic and engaging way.
  4. Our training also prepares you to later create more Stories on your own.



  1. Explore the timeless Art of Storytelling.
  2. Learn the Six Types of Stories and how to use them.
  3. Learn how to harness the power of your personal Stories.
  4. Imagine and create powerful stories which capture the imagination of your audience. Bring your data and message to life. 
  5. The Stories will focus on your real-world presentations, negotiations, work. 


  1. Take them on a Story Journey that amplifies your business message.
  2. Sell it like an advertising agency.
  3. We push your comfort zone and help you to re-imagine your status quo.
  4. Communicate with confidence and authenticity.