BlackSheep PITCH

Pitch perfect and make your dream come true

" Dan coached and mentored startups from our innovation program in a unique way. He authentically engaged with them and followed them through several months of acceleration in their pitching and storytelling skills, generously dedicating time to understand each of them, This is a rare and precious relationship that Dan is developing for you to grow - huge thanks from Platform A!! 
(Fanny Bouvier, Senior Manager Platform A Sustainability & Digital Tech Sports accelerator adidas I Station F)


  1. Turn complex concepts and analyses into easy to deliver and easy to understand pitches.
  2. Sell data like it's an advertisement. 
  3. Develop the confidence to pitch without slides.
  4. You will leave with a new pitch or an improved version of your own pitch.
  5. You will have been helped by a coach to deliver this pitch.
  6. You will be able to create better pitches on your own.


Preparation of your Pitch

  1. Craft a short, effective pitch.
  2. You can bring a pitch and work on an improved version or create a new pitch. 
  3. Successfully use 30-second, 90-second and 5-minute pitch formats.
  4. Cherry-pick the essential data to support your pitch.

Delivery of your Pitch

  1. Optimize verbal and non-verbal communication.
  2. Sharpen and improve the use of PowerPoint and other media.
  3. Deliver with confidence and ease.