The YOU Method

Individual, Immediate and Sustainable.

If you are going to invest your valuable time and energy in our trainings, then we believe it needs to be worth your while.

You and your real-world issues will be the focus of practice and feedback.

We want you to leave with knowledge and know-how, plus the confidence to apply it. 

" Dan is a real coach. Working with him brought me a lot in my business life. His dynamic and positive attitude made it fun to learn, while in a professional manner. With the right mix of theory and tips directly put into practice, he encourages you to work on your own techniques and together with the rest of the group, provides constructive feedback. Thanks to taking part in Dan’s trainings, I have learned a lot and developed new skills. " 
(Dorothée Boudjenah-Robinson, Global DTC Marketing lead at New Balance)

Training must bring results

It starts already in school that we are sitting for hours in class rooms on the same uncomfortable chairs - passively listening to one person after the other talking.

We enter the rooms hoping to learn something, to gain something, but very often we leave the room just tired from boredom and angry about the waste of time.

We start early on to getting used to „just waiting it out“. 
We become experts in not expecting too much.

We continue doing so during apprenticeships, internships and university.

We continue doing so during meetings, events and, sadly, during further education.

In our opinion, good training must be worth your time, energy and money.

Our trainings focus on the participants’ needs, on your needs. You will be seen and heard.
Our trainings will keep you on your feet and will challenge both your rational and creative mind. 
Our trainings will do whatever necessary to bring the best out of you. 

Our goal is to provide you with a training that is worth your time and will be one of 
your best investments.

" I enjoyed working with Dan. His training was fun, his advice helpful and the results outstanding. With Dan's help I could drastically improve my presentation skills and the presentation skills of my team members. " 
(Jan Runau, Chief Corporate Communication Officer, adidas Group)

" Dan has coached our employees over the last few years in several different trainings. He is a really genuine person with a unique coaching style, matched with his authenticity he always brings the best out of people. "
(Rosmarie Burkhalter, Senior Director Human Resources, IIC INTERSPORT Int. Corp. GmbH)