We help you make every presentation count

Clear. Clean. Convincing.

"The Presentation Excellence Workshop Dan delivers is simply a Revolution. Period. Dan listens a lot. He is interested in getting to know his audience, the challenges people have while presenting or connecting with other people. Moreover, the workshop is a fantastic way to improve one’s presentations skills and communication culture. Attending Dan's trainings is absolutely fun, extremely engaging, and positively uncomfortable. If you or your team are looking for someone that can help you unleash the power within and stand out, you'd better buckle up, ‘cause Dan is going to blow your mind!"
(Cristina Patrascu, Strategic Account Executive DACH at Amazon Devices)


  1. Improved presentation skills.
  2. Improved confidence and credibility of presenter.
  3. More convincing presentations lead to more productive meeting outcomes.
  4. You will leave with an improved version of your presentation.
  5. You will have been helped by a coach to deliver this improved presentation.
  6. You will be able to create better presentations on your own.



  1. Learn and apply the basics of good communication. Learn how to develop and package key messages. 
  2. Learn how to catch and keep your audience’s attention.
  3. We work with you on a real presentation, which you can bring from your job, in order to help you create a cleaner, clearer and more appealing version.
  4. We work on your presentation delivery to optimize how you interact with your audience and how they experience your message.


  1. Learn how to optimize verbal and non-verbal communication.
  2. Learn how to sharpen and improve the use of PowerPoint and other media. Learn how to deliver with confidence and ease.