Negotiate your way to value creation and success.

" Dan is a very good trainer with profound knowledge about presentation, negotiation and communication. His feedback was always very qualified and extremely valuable." (Uwe Rempis, MRICS, Head of Fund Management | Chairman of the Management Board)


  1. Improved negotiation and influencing skills.
  2. Improved confidence, credibility and authenticity as a negotiator.
  3. You will leave with a new understanding of what negotiation can do for your and your counterpart.
  4. You will have developed and tried-out a new strategy on your personal negotiation issue.
  5. You will be able to create better negotiation approaches on your own.



  1. Explore the concept of Principled Negotiation and how to apply it. 
  2. Learn how to prepare and lead an effective negotiation strategy. 
  3. Understanding your counterparts' negotiation strengths and weaknesses. 
  4. Learn how to get more of what you want while helping others satisfy their needs.
  5. We work with your real negotiation issues, which you can bring from your job or your life and develop an effective negotiation strategy.


  1. Present your arguments in a more persuasive way.  
  2. Influence people and situations you don’t control. 
  3. Practice using three key negotiation tactics.
  4. Try-out and get feed-back on your new strategy on your personal negotiation issue.