The Unique Training Company

People Development Consultancy.

Focus on the Synergy of inner and outer training and development. 

Based on Boswell's BlackSheep Methodology and Playbook in order to reach Inner-Outer Balance.

Helping you to get the best out of you. 

Helping you to get what you want.

More Life Success as a BlackSheep

Find Comfort and Easy Solutions inside of yourself. 

Helping you to Shape and Nurture your Inner Hero.

Reach Sustainable Results and Success in a World of Volatility. 


BlackSheep Playbook

The focus will lie on YOU, because we believe that If you are going to invest your valuable time and energy in our trainings, then it needs to be worth your while.

Individual, Immediate and Sustainable.

We are COACHES, not teachers, not computer apps, but someone who truly cares about your development and success. 

Inspiring, Motivating, Challenging, On Your Side. 

What our clients liked:

Immediate impact. 

Concrete improvements to take with you.

New know-how can be easily applied to real world work.

What our clients liked:

Refines your techniques and skills.

Grows your confidence.

Learning by doing in inspiring, dynamic and fun atmosphere.

What our clients liked:

Brings out the best in you.

Satisfying return on investment.

Training, Events and Keynotes


Just in Time Coaching

With our new training option we would like to put the Focus on The Moment

JTC provides quick help for those who would like to get professional input for their upcoming tasks.

 You can choose from any one of our areas of expertise or mix and match them as your needs require.

The focus is on Individual Assistance Right Now.