A Coach is someone who makes a big difference, now and over time.

" The best trainings I've had: I retained so much information that I still use on a regular basis. 

Dan was able to keep training interesting and fun and very hands on. He is very inspiring and I felt immediately more confident. 

He is extremely knowledgeable and so easy to connect on a personal level. 

Dan is also very generous with his time and available to help at all times. He definitely made me a better person and professional. "
(Alessandra Duci, Marketing and Communication / Fundraising, Uniting Vic.Tas.)

"The training content memorable and the training success long-lasting. Highly recommend!"
(Mariya Davydenko, Team Leader / Manager Sales Performance, Mercedes-Benz Consulting)

A Coach is someone who inspires and motivates you to go beyond what you think is possible.

" If you're ready to be challenged and explore new opportunities, Daniel is The Coach you and your team need to work with! 

Dani carries huge amount of positive energy, big smile and spot on critics that can make you evolve  and find your own path. Whatever is the ambition of your projects, Daniel knows how to use his LISTENING skills to find the right words and the right angle your presentation deserves. It's not about making you someone else, it is about bringing the best of you when it matters most.. "
(Jamel Khadir, Head of Global Marketing and Sales, Palladium)

A Coach is someone who truly cares about your development and success.

" Dan helps you to bring your presentation skills to a completely new level. His mantra of “juicy bits first” and “what’s in it for you Mr. Customer” will develop your presentation from “internal brand propaganda” to an inspiring, unexpected and personal pitch that make you succeed on every stage (small or big) and in front of every audience. I worked with him personally and he worked with my teams. We share all the same positive experience, with a smile. Dan is also an inspiring advisor and coach. "
(Stefan Hungenberg, Senior Sales and Marketing Executive, formerly adidas Group)